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Lonneke Wielders

Lonneke Wielders
senior researcher/consultant


  • certificate systems and the Dutch renewable energy incentive SDE+ (‘green electricity’, guarantees of origin, green gas certificates, biotickets, etc.)
  • business cases for renewable capacity (‘green electricity’, ‘green gas’, biogas)
  • the Environmental Control Act and negotiated agreements with industry
  • municipal energy and climate policy

The scope of my work at CE Delft is as wide and varied as the circle of clients I work for. By combining our technological know-how with an understanding of certificate systems, standing policies and policy trends, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of the costs, benefits, opportunities and risks of the available investment options, advising clients on questions like: Should we invest in renewable energy ourselves or should we buy certificates, and, if so, which? What is the effective reduction in CO2 emissions of the various options? How can we obtain certificates, and what can we earn by selling them?
I have also advised numerous municipal authorities on establishing local energy and climate policies. Among the focuses here is the scope for action available to local authorities: what are the available options, i.e. policy tools, and how effective are they? A key instrument in this regard is the Environmental Control Act and in this connection I support both municipal authorities (on implementation and enforcement) and national government, by providing scoping analysis or drawing up policy recommendations.

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