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Below we present our coordinators

Benno Schepers - Sustainable cities

The theme ‘

Sustainable cities’ covers the energy consumption of private homes and other buildings as well as energy infrastructure. We are intimately familiar with the methods and technologies and their potential, but also with the policy context and economic impacts. Read more about Benno and Sustainable cities. For more information please contact Benno Schepers.

Sebastiaan Hers - Energy supply

Sebastiaan, who has been with CE Delft since April 2014, has been analysing electricity markets for more than a decade. In the past he has worked on operational issues in the fields of optimisation strategies for production plant utilisation, financial risk management and valuation of investment issues. Check out the page devoted to Energy supply. For more information please contact Sebastiaan Hers.

Diederik Jaspers - Energy in industry

Under the heading ‘Energy in industry’ we seek ways of improving energy efficiency and making production processes more sustainable, analysing issues from a technological, economic and environmental angle. Clients opt for CE Delft because we combine a good understanding of industrial processes and efficiency options with a thorough knowledge of developments in policy and legislation. In projects with industry we have proved our ability to identify options ‘outside the box’ that often turn out to be surprisingly realistic. Read more about Diederik and Energy in industry. For more information please contact Diederik Jaspers.

Bettina Kampman - International energy issues

International energy and climate policies having a growing influence on national energy strategies in the Netherlands, as in other EU countries, and on energy systems as a whole. We are well-versed in government policies, European and national energy transition scenarios, and the impacts and barriers shaping developments in the energy sector. The topics we handle include EU policy implementation, the effectiveness of the EU-ETS, changes to energy production infrastructure, the impact of electric transport, energy efficiency, and the availability and sustainability of biomass. Read more about Bettina, or visit the theme page International energy issues.For more information please contact Bettina Kampman.

Arno Schroten - Transport economics

Transport economics is concerned with economic analyses of the traffic and transport sector, with the main focus on developing and evaluating policy measures, calculating the external and infrastructure costs of traffic, determining the cost effectiveness of technical measures and policy instruments, and performing broader economic analyses (on employment effects, for example). We work for clients in the Netherlands as well as internationally. Translating complex research projects into transparent and practically oriented (policy) recommendations for clients is one of my core areas of expertise that I frequently apply in this area of my work. Read more about Arno and the theme of Transport economics.For more information please contact Arno Schroten.

Huib van Essen & Anco Hoen - Passenger transport

Under the heading Passenger transport CE Delft carries out policy studies for government bodies, from the EU through to local authorities. In assessing the impact of policy measures and analysing how policy effectiveness can be improved we are leaders in the field. For many years we have contributed building blocks for transport climate policy at different scale levels. Read more about Huib, Anco and Passenger transport. For more information please contact Huib van Essen or Anco Hoen.

Eelco den Boer - Freight transport

CE Delft has extensive knowledge of transport emissions (road freight, inland shipping, rail) and the factors influencing them. This knowledge has been consolidated in the STREAM model, which we use to calculate the emissions of different modes of transport under specific conditions. Combining technical knowledge with policy-oriented solutions is one of my core areas of expertise. For government agencies and industry we elaborate wisely-crafted instruments that help reduce freight transport emissions so they conform to the (future) standards demanded by society. Read more about Eelco and the theme of Freight transport. For more information please contact Eelco den Boer.

Jasper Faber - Aviation and maritime shipping

My job is to analyse policy instruments for the improvement of the environmental performance of aviation and maritime shipping. I thrive on assisting policy makers in the design of policy instruments that have the maximum environmental results at the least economic costs. In the last couple of years, I have been very active in assisting policy makers and stakeholders in preparing for the inclusion of aviation in ETS. Read more about Jasper. Check out the pages devoted to Aviation and Maritime shipping.For more information please contact Jasper Faber.

Sander de Bruyn - Environmental economics

To my mind, there are two main challenges facing environmental policy-makers over the next three decades: climate change and global resource depletion. Having graduated as an economist, majoring in welfare theory, and gaining my PhD in applied environmental economics, I see it as my task to analyse these problems, unravel the driving forces and propose ways of preserving the natural environment and its services for future generations. Read more about Sander. Check out the page devoted to Environmental economics. For more information please contact Sander de Bruyn.

Martijn Blom - Financial instruments

The environment is not something people automatically factor into their decision-making, certainly not when pollution carries no price tag. Goods and services that are priced too cheaply will be overconsumed, leading to degradation of the ‘commons’ and depletion of the world’s natural resources. At the same time, the consumption of materials and energy has become so complex and  Read more about Martijn. Check out the page devoted to Financial instruments. For more information please contact Martijn Blom.

Cor Leguijt - Renewable fuels

Biomass is used in industry (particularly in the chemicals sector), in transport (biofuels) and for ‘green’ power generation. In projects for industry, government and NGOs we research and analyse the environmental, financial, economic and policy aspects of biomass. We help clients get to grips with the question of which biomass chains are sustainable and economically wise, and which are not. Read more about Cor or go to the theme page Renewable fuels. For more information please contact Cor Leguijt.

Geert Bergsma - Raw material supply chains

The essence of our work is to analyse the environmental footprint of raw materials, products and waste streams and help reduce that footprint. To that end we carry out Life Cycle Assessments of raw materials and products for numerous branches of industry, including metallurgy, plastics, textiles, chemicals, packaging, construction and waste processing. We seek robust environmental improvement, and much of our work proceeds from the notion of a circular economy. Working alongside CE Delft’s economists, we also look at issues of feedstock dependency and cost. Read more about Geert and Raw material supply chains. For more information please contact Geert Bergsma.

Geert Bergsma - Agro and food chains

Work on the theme of ‘Agro and food chains’ builds on our expertise from field to fork, which is put to the service of government, industry and NGOs. By determining the environmental impact or carbon footprint of each link in the food production chain, key bottlenecks can be identified and strategies designed to address them. We work efficiently and thoroughly, on projects ranging from the small to the ultra-complex. I have been conducting LCAs on the environmental impacts of agrofood and material supply chains since 1998. Read more about Geert and Agro and food chains.For more information please contact Geert Bergsma.

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