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Climate-neutral heat supply for the built environment – update 2016

The route to a climate-neutral Netherlands

A built environment with a climate-neutral heat supply means using a range of zero-carbon technologies for domestic heating. Which technology is most cost-effective depends on the location and on the type of building. Home insulation may be attractive in terms of initial outlay, but in many cases the cost will outweigh the benefit, even when more expensive gas/electricity is used. At locations where waste heat and/or geothermal energy are available, these will be used in the decades ahead. This study shows that gas - initially natural gas, later renewable gas - will play a key role and will continue to be the cheapest way to heat many homes for a long time to come.

This study calculates, for around 12,000 Dutch neighbourhoods, what the cheapest form of climate-neutral heat supply will be for private homes in 2050 and what role can be played by renewable gas. Roadmaps towards this end were also assessed.

This study is a follow-up to the study ‘A climate-neutral built environment in 2050’. In the new study the latest version of CEGOIA was used. While the previous version considered fifteen typical neighbourhoods, the latest version calculates for all the country’s 12,000 neighbourhoods the annual costs for each relevant heating technology, both in the final, climate-neutral situation and en route there.

Authors CE

Marijke Meyer
Nanda Naber
Frans Rooijers
Benno Schepers

Delft, September 2016

Climate-neutral heat supply for the built environment – update 2016 (only available in Dutch)

More information on this study can be obtained from Benno Schepers

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