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Users and usage of vans in the Netherlands

This study was commissioned by Connekt on behalf of the Logistics Top Sector and carried out by a consortium of consultancy agencies: Buck, CE Delft, Districon, Panteia and TNO. The study provides a detailed picture of the users and usage of the approx. 876,000 vans on the road in the Netherlands. The study reports data on vehicle numbers, kilometres driven, CO2 emissions and air-pollutant emissions. The study has led to improved understanding of the parties using these vehicles, when they are used and for what purposes. See also: www.topsectorlogistiek.nl

Authors CE

Jaco Blommerde
Eelco den Boer
Anco Hoen
Matthijs Otten

Delft, April 2017

Users and usage of vans in the Netherlands (only available in Dutch)

Contact person:   Anco Hoen

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