Study Visit Oxy Fuel Power Plant Vattenfall

CE Delft recently organised a study trip to a German pilot plant for CO2 storage being rolled out by the international energy company Vattenfall. This 30 MW demo power plant based on oxy fuel technology is one of the first power plants equipped with capture of CO2. The twenty participants from industry, government and research institutions were keen to learn more about the technology.

This study visit made clear that the oxy fuel technology has as main advantages:
·    Low rest-emissions of CO2; almost 100% capture possible.
·    Emissions of NOx, SO2 and particulate matter can be almost neglible.
·    Technology fits well with existing technology on modern ‘conventional’, making it possible to scale up soon.

Vattenfall foresees scaling up the technology to 250 MW in 2015 and 1,000 MW in 2020. By 2030 the target is a net cost of € 20/ton CO2 avoided. In return, the delegation informed Vattenfall about the LNG Oxy Fuel concept and ongoing developments in the ports of Rotterdam and Eemshaven. CE Delft has prepared a report on the trip.

The study trip was organised by CE Delft at the request of Deltalinqs, the association of industries operating at Rotterdam port.

Delft, december 2008


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