In today’s world, aviation fulfils a number of pivotal functions. It facilitates economic growth and cultural exchange, provides an efficient means of international transport and creates employment. Sustainable development of aviation requires careful consideration of the benefits and impacts, though. We have been engaged in studies in this field for many years and have built up expertise on:

International aviation:

  • Environmental impacts (climate, noise, air pollution)
  • Economic impacts (direct and indirect employment and added value, spill-over effects)
  • Policies to balance the benefits and impacts (aviation and ETS, standards, economic policies, corporate social responsibility)


  • Integrated consideration of the benefits and impacts of airport development
  • Social cost-benefit analyses
  • Development of environmental strategies and airport policy
  • Airport regulations and legislation

Our clients

For over a decade we have been engaged in research and providing consultancy on aviation and the environment. Our clients include the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and allied ministries in other EU member states , the European Commission, the aircraft manufacturing industry (incl. Airbus), CAEP/ICAO, UNEP, Transport & Environment (T&E), IATA, the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment, airport authorities and the UNFCCC secretariat.

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