Environmental Prices Handbook

Environmental prices are indices expressing the social cost of environmental emissions and other interventions in Euros per kilo pollutant or similar units, for noise for example. They indicate the willingness-to-pay for preventing pollution and other unwanted impacts. The lookup tool can be accessed via the link. It provides monetary values for emissions of over 2,500 substances. The prices are per kilo emission in 2015 Euros and differ per country and region.

The most recent Environmental Prices can be found in our 2018 update of EU28 prices.

See also the values specific for the Netherlands.

In these Handbooks these prices are presented at three levels:

  • At pollutant level: a value for emissions of environmentally damaging substances.
  • At midpoint level: a value for environmental themes such as climate change or acidification.
  • At endpoint level: a value for the impacts of environmental pollution, such as damage to human health or ecosystem services.

The methodology used in the CE Delft Environmental Prices Handbook is designed to harmonize the values at pollutant, midpoint and endpoint level, to achieve consistent valuation of environmental impacts.

More information

For more information on environmental prices, please contact Sander de Bruyn