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Maarten 't Hoen

ir. Maarten 't Hoen

I have been with CE Delft’s Transport & Traffic Sector since the beginning of 2013, working on infrastructure and spatial planning policy, traffic safety, cost-benefit analysis and accessibility. I see CE Delft as a specialized consultancy that is willing to look beyond the economic and social functions of transport mobility and consider its external effects, too. This appeals to me enormously, as I am convinced more balanced consideration needs to be given to all these aspects when projects and policies are rolled out.
I graduated in Civil Engineering and Management from the University of Twente, specializing in transport and traffic. During this study there was major focus on traffic policy and sustainable transport policy, as well as on micro- and macro-level traffic models and the interaction between spatial planning and transport. My Master’s thesis was concerned with the differences between reference scenarios of the travel-time benefits of infrastructure investments.
My particular passion is for the role of mathematical models in the decision-making process, and I will be using such models to provide quantitative underpinning for improved decisions on complex policy issues. My ambition is  to become a specialist at the strategic policy  level in the field of accessibility and sustainable mobility with in-depth knowledge of relevant models.