Passenger transport

Under the heading of Passenger transport CE Delft carries out policy studies for government bodies, from the EU through to local authorities. In assessing the impact of policy measures and analysing how policy effectiveness can be improved we are leaders in the field. For many years we have contributed building blocks for transport climate policy at different scale levels. We chart the technological state of the art, calculate the costs and benefits of specific measures, and provide insight into the barriers preventing implementation of solutions. Key topics include alternative fuels, electric transport, fuel-efficient vehicles and non-technical options for reducing transport carbon emissions. We also help local authorities translate their climate aspirations into concrete and effective policies.

Besides performing policy studies, we also carry out practical projects for industry and trade associations, developing ‘mobility scans’ and other tools for calculating carbon footprints or costs, for example. We have a broad network encompassing all the relevant players and many years’ experience organising stakeholder workshops and meetings.

At CE Delft we collaborate closely with colleagues working on other transport-related themes as well as the theme Biomass. The latter is relevant because of the EU’s drive to reduce CO2 emissions through mandatory blending of biofuels. Our work on electric transport is done in collaboration with our energy experts, who bring in their specialist knowledge on issues like power generation and establishing charging infrastructure in the urban environment.

Priority activities

  • Analysis of policy options to cut transport carbon emissions, including pricing policy, emissions trading and regulations
  • Assessment of environmental footprint and costs of current and future fuels, including  biofuels
  • Electric transport
Our clients include the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the European Environmental Agency (EEA), the Netherlands Petroleum Industry Association (VNPI), Netherlands Enterprise Agency (, Nedalco BV, Friends of the Earth-The Netherlands and the Dutch National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change.

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