Sustainable transport infrastructure charging and internalisation of transport externalities

The objective of this project was to assess to what extent EU Member States and selected other countries (i.e. Norway, Switzerland, United States, Canada and Japan) have implemented the ‘user-pays’ and the ‘polluter-pays’ principles in their transport policy. It provides an overview of the progress EU Member States have made towards the goal of full internalisation of external and infrastructure costs of transport and to identify approaches for further internalisation.

The main findings of this project are presented in the report shown on the right side of this page. More detailed results of the project can be found in four separate deliverables:

Associated deliverable:

Sustainable Transport Infrastructure Charging and Internalisation of Transport Externalities: Main Findings


Arno Schroten


Sustainable Transport Infrastructure Charging and Internalisation of Transport Externalities: Main Findings

Authors CE

Huib van Essen
Arno Schroten
Lisanne van Wijngaarden


Daniel Sutter (INFRAS)

Ella Andrew (Ricardo)

Luxembourg, May 2019