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Sanne Nusselder

Sanne Nusselder
senior researcher/consultant

Expertise/interests: climate policy, metals, plastics, LCA, circular economy, waste processing

I’ve been with CE Delft’s Supply Chain Analysis sector since 2015, supporting:

  • Government agencies: advice on policy issues including climate, waste, products and a circular economy.
  • Environmental NGOs: advice and analysis on the sustainability of products and current policies.
  • Industry: product LCAs; support on developing sustainability, circularity and climate strategies; sustainable product development.

In the past few years I’ve gained extensive experience in the field of LCAs, carrying out lifecycle assessments of metal and (biobased) plastic products, CCU, concrete and various waste processing technologies.

One of the projects I’m working on is SUSBIND. CE Delft is participating in a European consortium of research institutes and companies studying new biobased binding agents for use in furniture. Today, fossil-based adhesives containing formaldehyde are employed in production of chipboard and MDF, widely used in the furniture industry. As global consumption of these materials continues to rise, their carbon footprint needs to be addressed. New kinds of adhesives need to be developed, to reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions but dependence on fossil resources, too. The aim of the project is therefore to develop an adhesive that will be tested on a prototype chipboard/MDF (TRL 5). During the development process CE Delft will be making sure it has a lower carbon footprint than today’s adhesives, poses no health risks and meets all marketing and other regulations.

As the example shows, I’m keen to use my know-how and research and consultancy skills for helping society forward on the transition to sustainability.