Transport economics

Prices and their structure steer many of our everyday choices. This is certainly true when it comes to transportation, and intelligent pricing policies in this area can make a major contribution to reducing the negative impacts of freight and passenger transport alike, without freedom of choice being unnecessarily restricted.

With its work on pricing policy, CE Delft seeks structural reduction of the environmental impact of European transport systems. We’ve developed a powerful toolkit for assessing and comparing the costs and benefits of the various transport modes and options, including the implied cost of environmental impacts and the cost of addressing them. Through our research we seek to improve the economic efficiency of the transport system through full allocation of the social costs of each and every mode to the respective users.

Another concern besides economic efficiency is to ensure that the income effects of pricing policy are fairly distributed and that services are properly maintained and, inevitably, to assess the implications of these issue for new infrastructure funding.

Core activities

  • Transport-related infrastructure costs and external costs , including those of environmental impacts, traffic accidents and congestion
  • Pricing policy, including design of vehicle taxes, subsidies and emissions trading
  • Analysis of cost-effectiveness of policies and technical measures, from the perspectives of users, government finance and/or society as a whole
  • Elaboration of CO2 abatement cost curves
  • Infrastructure policy, including cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects

Our clients

We’ve been researching and advising on transport pricing policy for over a decade. Our clients include three Dutch ministries (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Ministry of Finance), the European Commission, the European Environmental Agency (EEA), the International Road Union (IRU), the European Council of Ministers of Transport (ECMT), Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN), Rabobank Nederland, the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment and Friends of the Earth-The Netherlands.

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